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We put your ideas on screens worldwide Regular Webiste
  • AMAZING DESIGN - we will impress you on multiple levels.
  • OPTIMIZATION for all media devices (mobile phones, tablets and laptops).
  • INCLUDES : Homepage, About Us, Pricing, Services , Advanced Contact Form, Automatic Translation ( 10 Languages ).
    Starting at Just € 99 only.
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Easy to Run, Manage & Sell. Online Store
  • PERFECT DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION - you customers will be impressed.
  • BOOKING SYSTEMS - no matter which business you conduct we will create great booking system for you.
  • PAYMENT GATEWAYS - accept payments directly on site.
    Starting at Just € 199 only.
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Why you should choose us to design your site?

Fast Finish

99.99 % of our projects are finished in 1 to 3 weeks.

Free Support

We Provide 1 month of free support after project is completed.

Free Video Tutorials

We will deliver you custom video tutorials on how to use site.

Free Security Backup

We will keep the copy of your site on remote server in case of hack attack.

Free Mobile Version

We will create and optimize your site to fit perfectly to all screens.

Free Revisions

After we finish your site you can ask for revisions 2 times for free.

We use WordPress

WordPress is no.1 Website Builder in the world.

Free Virus Protoction

We will install latest security plugins to protect your site.

Lowest Prices

We will design the best possible website at lowest price on market.

What more we offer

Your Website is down ?

Our team of experts will first create a security Back Up of you site. This will ensure your data is safe and sound. Than we download your site to our server and we will analyze it and search for common problems and resolve them as soon as possible.  After we complete reparation we will upload your site back to the server and you are ready to go.


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You want to move your site to another server?

Perfect.You came to the right place. Our team will create BackUp off your site on our server. Than we will duplicate your site to another server and transfer domain. After the magic is done we will delete files from the old server.

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You want to bring your website to 21. century?

Yes. We can update your site as well. Just give us your link and we will make assessment of the work that needs to be done. We will set the price and if you agree we will try to finish as soon as possible.

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Are you experiencing hacker attacks ?

Give us access to your site and will will make it secure and we will block all possible attacks before they even happen.The Process is fast secure and lasts for long without any future updates.

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Is your site infected with viruses?

We are specialized in virus removal on WordPress websites. All we need is access to your hosting provider. We use special tools and softwares to remove viruses from your site and without damaging the core of the site.

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We know we are the best

Our Recent Works

Terms and Conditions & Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will my website be listed on Google ?

After we finish your website will will submit it to the search engines ( Google , Bing , Yahoo )

The ranking of the site on search engines will depend on how much time and money invest in it, after the website is finished. It is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We do not provide this services and it is not included in price of web design.

We will only design your site and put it online on selected domain. We do not provide any SEO, Marketing or Traffic Generation Services.

Can you translate my site in different languages ?

Yes we can . We can translate your site up to 20 different languages for FREE with Google automatic translation tools .

If you are interested in manual translation of the site you need to send us translated texts to different languages on our email and we will create manual translations and make site multilingual.

This comes with additional cost of approximately of 100 € per language.

How much time you need to design my Website ?

To finish on regular website we usually need 1 week but it could take maximum up to 3 weeks if the website is a bit more complicated.

To finish web-store we usually need 10 days or more but never more than 3 weeks.

We can start working on your project 1 day after you contact us.

Do I get Free Support ?

Yes ! You will receive 1 month of FREE Support via Email & Chat . This is including the tips & tricks and video tutorials on how to use your website.

After one month is finished you will have to pay 15 euros per our working hour to get tips and tricks from us.


Can I ask for changes after the site is finished ?

After we deliver you finished website you can ask us to make changes to it. We will do our work again and deliver finished work to you as soon as possible. When we finish this you are entitled to ask for small changes one more time.

Maximum time to ask for changes is two weeks after the first version of the site is finished. 

All other changes we will have to charge to you 15 euro per hour.

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