Terms and Conditions for Creating a Website Under the Condition of Web88Design

The site will be made in the most advanced software in the world right now: WordPress

Each website is made on Premium Template, with 5 stars only, and according to the latest standards in the world of web design, which ensures the long-term development of the site.

The price includes:

a) Creating the first version of the page

b) First page version corrections (one list of updates)

c) Second version of the website

d) Site setup on server and domain

e) Page optimization for all devices (Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)

f) Creating a mail account on the server (but not setting up a mail client on the computer)

Video instructions in english language on how to use the website in background and how to add basic content

Hosting and domain costs are never included in the cost of creating a website, and therefore you need to pay it separately to the company that you choose.

The client will pay a deposit of 50% of the agreed price in advance before the start of the works.

The client should provide all the necessary material for the creation of the web site as soon as possible before any work begins, and these include:

a) An example of a website you like

b) Pictures

c) Texts

d) Logo in .png format with transparent background (if you have one)

e) Contact information (email, phone number, address)

f) One wish list and functionality that the site should have

The client should send an example web page containing the elements it wants to have on the page or indicate that it wants an identical or similar page. In this example, the client is obliged to explain in detail and clearly specify what he/she wants to have on his/her page.

If the client does not have a specific example and has not made clear exactly what he wants, web88design will make a modern page, and the client has the right to ask for updates once.

One set of Website Corrections is included in the agreed price. The Client is entitled to the corrections of the first version which has been submitted to him and will submit one list of all the corrections that he wants to make to the second version of the page.

Additional changes will be charged

Anything that the client did not mention in the wish and functionality list, and later is requested to be added to the site may be charged extra depending on the time it takes to do that job and it will come with cost of 20 euros per working hour.

The finished page will be activated on the desired server and domain after the full payment is made, client will receive a username and password to connect to the page.

The paid deposit will not be returned to the client if the client is not satisfied with the final result.

When the first version of the page is complete, the client will receive a link to view the project  and client is obliged to completely review it and ask for any changes he wants to make in one list.

All changes that the client wants to make on the page should be written in one word file and submitted for review.

The web site development time is 7 to 15 days depending on how complex the site is. The deadline begins from the date of payment of the deposit, with condition that that all material has been submitted. Most pages are finished in 7 days (first version). If you want a shorter deadline, it is possible but by agreement.

The second part of the total price must be paid not later than 15 days of deposit payment.

Send all changes at once, in one file, or write anything you want at once.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to make changes the way the client wants, because the template used may have some limitations and does not support such elements in that location. In this case the changes will be made in a similar but best way.

Positioning on search engines and advertising a website is not included in the price.

Writing blog posts is not included in the price except demos that must be on the page to keep the page blank (maximum 7 posts)

The Contractor is not responsible for technical difficulties that arose after the site was completed and handed over to the Client for correct use.

The Contractor shall not be liable for any damage resulting from any possible hacking of the Site after it has been submitted to the Client.

The cost of creating a website does not include the installation or setup of third-party applications or other online programs, such as setting up software to receive e-mail on a computer.

Website maintenance is not included in the cost of creating the website.

The Contractor is not responsible for the drop in traffic on the site or for the poor positioning on the search engines which may result from the replacement of the existing site with the new one or as a result of making changes to the existing site.

Course of the event:

a) Price and detail agreement

b) Delivery of materials

c) Deposit payment

d) Start of workse

e) Delivery of the first version

f) Delivery of a list of updates & processing of those updates

g) Delivery of the second version of the site

h) Payment of the second part of the agreed amount

i) Upload to the desired server and domain

j) The client gets access to the page in the background (username and password) and video instructions on how to use the page and add content

The purpose and aim pursued by these conditions is mutual satisfaction of the parties, and this can only be achieved in such a way that the contractor can estimate the amount of working hours required to fulfill all the wishes of the client, and on that basis, we can determine the price.

On the other hand, the client knows exactly what is included in the price before the works start, and knows what to expect after the works are completed.

Conditions have been created to avoid possible disagreements and unrealistic expectations.

Web88Design agrees to make a website for every client who makes a deposit within 7 to 15 days.

Please note that most websites are completed within 7 days (first version).

If the website is not created, the web88design agrees to return the deposit paid.By paying a deposit, I confirm that I agree to all the terms above, and I want to hire web88design.com to create a new or redesign my existing website.

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